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Strawberry Quartz Bracelet

Strawberry Quartz Bracelet

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● Strawberry quartz is also called "love crystal", which means good love. Wearing strawberry quartz bracelet can make female friends exude seductive charm at any time.

Strawberry quartz bracelet also has the benefits of nourishing the body. Natural minerals such as strawberry quartz crystal contain certain minerals and trace elements. When wearing strawberry quartz bracelet on the body for a long time, the human body can gradually absorb these minerals and trace elements.

● After wearing strawberry quartz bracelet, I found that my complexion has become better. Natural strawberry crystal have the effect of regulating endocrine, which can promote blood circulation and make the skin more delicate and rosy.

● Strawberry quartz contains huge pure energy, and it also has the meaning of self-confidence and vitality. Wearing this strawberry quartz bracelet on the body at any time at ordinary times can enhance the attractiveness to the outside world and become more confident.

● This beautiful red strawberry quartz bracelet is perfect for promoting purity and spiritual growth. This strawberry quartz crystal is of the highest quality and has a bright, rich and beautiful color.

Product Details:
Project type: bracelet
Material: Crystal
Color: pink
Band type: round bead
Bead size : 8mm-12mm
Bracelet length: 17-23cm
Weight: 35g

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