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Agate Bracelet

Agate Bracelet

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●This agate bracelet is helps you release unwanted emotions, the ones that linger far past their use-by date. In their place, it fills you with inner peace and stillness. look for it inside you in times of stress.

●Agate bracelets is believed to help strengthen the body, including supporting the health of the endocrine system. strengthen blood circulation can be effective for rectum, gastrointestinal, can activate the viscera, prevent constipation, help discharge toxins, liver disease, rheumatism, neuralgia, varicose veins and so on have a soothing function.

●Wearing agate bracelets, can strengthen affinity, can be flexible, conduce to career growth, financial resources. Summer wear is not only fashionable, beautiful and can cool down, prevent heatstroke and so on.

●Agate bracelet can eliminate mental tension, promote harmony between colleagues, family and friends, red agate bracelet worn on the hand can regulate the blood circulation of the wrist, close to the heart can promote the activation of the internal organs.

●That’s what makes it an excellent stone for sleep too. It helps you drift off peacefully without overthinking, and encourages you to learn from the lessons of the dreamstate.

Product Details:
●Project type: bracelet
●Material: agate
●Color: color

●Bead size :8 mm -12 mm
●Bracelet length: 17-23 cm
●Weight: 35g


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