what does amethyst do

What does amethyst do?

Amethyst is a mysterious and beautiful crystal, romantic color, crystal clear body, can be described as a heavenly thing. This is amethyst. It not only has a romantic appearance, but also has a lot of temperament after wearing it. It has many meanings, which is very popular with girls, so amethyst is very popular all over the world.

what does amethyst do



● Origin of amethyst


Legend has it that Bacchus, the god of wine, was full of anger because of a dispute with Diana, the goddess of the moon, and sent a ferocious tiger to take revenge, but unexpectedly met Diana's girl Amethyst, Diana wanted to prevent the girl from dying in tiger claws, transforming her into an immaculate amethyst statue. The Bacchus who saw the statue regretted what he had done, and the tears he left dripped on the statue of the girl, and actually dyed the crystal statue purple, which is the origin of the crystal.

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In reality, amethyst is actually silicon dioxide, and the color is very layered, and it looks different from all angles, Either blue or red or purple. The reason for its purple color is that the suddenly produced amethyst contains iron, manganese and other minerals. Generally, there are many kinds of amethysts seen in the market, including lavender, purplish red, deep red, and dark purple, and pink amethyst. The best quality is dark purple, followed by lavenderand and pink amethyst. So what are the effects and functions of such a precious amethyst? And what does amethyst mean?

amethyst crystal benefits

Amethyst crystal benefits

1. Develop wisdom

Crystals contain high energy and correspond to the brow chakra in the seven-chakra system. In the teachings of Indian Seven Wheels Yoga, the brow chakra is in charge of wisdom and creativity, insight into world affairs, and improvement of intuition and subconsciousness. Therefore, it can promote the activity of brain cells and make the brain run faster, thereby developing intelligence, helping thinking, and concentrating. Enhance memory. For friends who need to use their brains for a long time, such as students and office workers, it is very suitable to wear accessories made of natural amethyst, which can promote academic success and a prosperous career.

2. Improve the quality of sleep

Wearing amethyst jewelry for a long time can relieve people's stress and promote people's sleep, because amethyst corresponds to the human brow chakra, which can promote the activation of cells in the cerebellum, right brain and central nervous system, thereby eliminating the symptoms of insomnia and improving sleep quality. . If your sleep quality is particularly poor, you can consider wearing amethyst to improve it when you sleep. Usually, amethyst is placed next to the pillow, remember to be next to the pillow, not under the pillow, its calming magnetic field can help insomniacs and easy People who have nightmares have a good night's sleep, especially those who dream more, amethyst can inhibit the occurrence of nightmares.

3. The Guardian Stone of Love

Amethyst is also a symbol of love. It is called "the guardian stone of love" in the West. Amethyst can endow couples with chastity, courage, honesty, and deep love. It can make a deeper romantic love between couples and between husband and wife. Many couples give amethyst to each other because it makes us love each other more and makes us more energetic in our lives.

In ancient Greek mythology, amethyst is a symbolic gem of the mysterious vitality of Bacchus, the god of wine. Many couples are disharmony due to disharmony in their sexual life. Amethyst has mysterious energy that stimulates "sexual vitality". Help enhance the sexual allure of the opposite sex and maintain harmonious sex with your partner.

Although it is only a moral, but believing in beauty can make life better. Wearing amethyst crystal bracelet , necklaces, etc. can give couples and couples courage and honest love, and firmly guard each other for love.

4. Improve our temperament

The purple color of amethyst is a noble color in people's subconscious. In this color, your temperament will be significantly improved, making people full of confidence and vitality, so wearing amethyst can enhance your temperament.

Amethyst contains a very powerful energy magnetic field, which can help improve the personal charm index and is very helpful in social affairs. Amethyst can not only transmit energy, but also has the effect of receiving and storing energy. It can increase the personal temperament, make people more approachable, and make the people you meet more congenial and more in line with your own values. Therefore, female friends who like to socialize can wear amethyst to make themselves more popular.

How to wear amethyst

There are many amethyst jewelry, among which the most common are amethyst bracelets and necklaces, amethyst bracelets are elegant and noble, simple design without losing fashion charm, now wearing amethyst bracelets has become a fashion, and amethyst bracelets It is also highly sought after by people. Now let me introduce to you how to wear amethyst bracelet.

1. Amethyst is a relatively high-energy crystal, and amethyst bracelet can protect the human body no matter which hand it is worn on. But according to the basic principles of crystal wearing, amethyst is a radioactive crystal and should be worn on the left hand. In addition, we usually work with the right hand, and amethyst is not easy to be bruised and worn on the left hand.

2. Amethyst bracelets are women's favorites and are suitable for women of all ages to wear, but many men think that men are not suitable for wearing amethyst bracelets. In fact, as long as the choice is appropriate, men wearing amethyst bracelets can also show generosity and elegance. Here is a question of bracelet specifications. Women's hands are relatively slender, suitable for bracelets with smaller diameter beads, generally 8mm-10mm are more suitable. Men can generally choose 10mm -14mm.

3. In terms of color, women can wear amethyst bracelets in dark or light colors, while men should choose darker colors, better gloss, and simpler styles, so that they are more concise and elegant to wear.

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(1) Amethyst is a colored crystal, which will fade when it encounters high temperature, so it is necessary to avoid high temperature exposure when wearing it. At the same time, it also involves amethyst bracelet that cannot be degaussed by sunlight;

(2) Like other crystal bracelets, avoid collision and friction with hard objects when wearing amethyst bracelets, causing damage to amethyst bracelets;

(3) Wearing amethyst bracelets requires regular degaussing and purification. The specific maintenance of amethysts will have related introductions in our blog, you can take a look;

(4) After cleaning and demagnetizing the amethyst bracelet that is not worn temporarily, put it in a jewelry box or jewelry bag for collection to avoid collision with other hard objects;


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