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Tiger's Eye: Complete Guide

Tiger's eye stone is a gemstone with the brilliance of tiger eye, so it is named because it emits light like tiger's eyes. Tiger's eye is one of the five most precious gemstones in the world. Tiger's eye stone is a kind of wood alexandrite, so its appearance will have the same texture as wood, which is very distinctive. In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about Tiger's eye, including its meaning, types, grades, uses, and how to use it.


The topics covered in this post are listed below:


  • A Story about Tiger's Eye                           

  • What is Tiger's Eye?                                         

  • Is Tiger's Eye Stonea Gemstone?                                  

  • Where Does Tiger Eye StoneCome From?                     

  • Tiger's Eye CrystalChakras                                      

  • Tiger's Eye Meaning                                       

  • Tiger's Eye Benefits                                                                           

  • Tiger's Eye Grades                                                         
  • Tiger's Eye Color                                                           
  • Tiger's Eye Jewelry                                                 
  • Tiger'sEye Price                                                                                                 
  • How to Distinguish the True and False Tiger's Eye?           

  • Why Cleanse Tiger's Eye?                                     

  • How Do I Cleanse My Tiger'S Eye?                      

  • Tiger's Eye Suitable for Boys or Girls?                                             

  • How to Wear Tiger's Eye Jewelry Correctly?               
  • Maintenance of Tiger's Eye                                                                   
  • Precautions                                                                                                                                                
  • Conclusion                                                                                


A Story about Tiger's Eye                          

In ancient Greek legends, after the Trojan War, the Greek heroes who survived on the battlefield and on their way home returned to their hometowns one after another. But one of the heroes, Odysseus, king of Itac, did not return, and at this time the goddess of fate arranged another strange encounter for him. From Ochigia to Huaiachia, from Eros to Itachi, Odysseus's way back was very difficult, because on his way back he stabbed eye of the sea god's son Kucrops (giant) , so angered the sea god, the sea god caused trouble many times and gave him death. All this was seen by Athena, the goddess of wisdom. She decided to help Odysseus through the crisis, so she gave Odysseus a tiger's eye bracelet.


tiger's eye crystal


With the power of the tiger's eye stone, Odysseus saved danger again and again, and the energy of the tiger's eye stone is powerful, which can inspire confidence and courage, so that Odysseus has endless energy and courage along the way, and Finally returned to the motherland safely, he also brought back countless jewels and wealth, and lived happily with his beautiful queen Penelope.


What is Tiger's Eye?

Tiger's eye is a kind of wood alexandrite, chemical formula (SiO2), hardness of more than 7 degrees. It is formed by the strong metasomatism and cementation of natural asbestos by carbon dioxide silica gel, Silky luster and hard.


Is Tiger's Eye Stone a Gemstone?

Tiger's eye stone is a kind of wood alexandrite, Tiger's eye stone is one of the five most precious gemstones in the world.


Where Does Tiger Eye Stone Come From?

The famous origins of tiger eye stone are mainly from South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Namibia, China, India and Myanmar. The world's largest tiger's eye quarry is scattered in Africa, in the Transvaal province of South Africa.


Tiger's Eye Crystal Chakras

The tiger's eye crystal corresponds to the sun chakra in the seven chakras, and also corresponds to the navel chakra.


 Tiger eye stone

Tiger's Eye Meaning

  • Tiger's eye is also "the stone of confidence". Tiger's eye reflects the bright light like a cat's eye, which can bring people confidence, strengthen their beliefs, make people more willing to express themselves, and exude personal charm.
  • Natural tiger's eye also represents courage and is suitable for those who like adventure and conquest. Wearing tiger eye stone can stimulate courage, improve professionalism, and enable the wearer to achieve better career development.
  • Tiger's eye can eliminate the wearer's stubbornness and stubbornness, make it rational, and can keep up with the trend of the times, will not be eliminated, and bring a positive outlook on life and world.
  • Tiger's eye also has a very special function, that is, it can speed up the formation of things, so that the wearer's wish can be realized faster.


Tiger's Eye Benefits

  • Tiger's eye has a protective function on our human body, that is, it can enhance our immunity, form an energy barrier, and defend against various pathogenic substances such as bacteria.
  • The golden light of the tiger's eye stone corresponds to the umbilical chakra of the human body, which can help the human body to digest better.   It has the function of repurifying and adjusting the discomfort of the body after overeating
    • The blue light of tiger's eye corresponds to the sun chakra, and the black light corresponds to the bottom chakra, which can improve the metabolism of our body, thereby increasing our body's physique to achieve the effect of increasing immunity.

    • Tiger's eye is full of energy, relieves stress, helps us be more efficient and makes us more focused.

    • Tiger's eye also has the effect of detoxification and cleansing. Therefore, it has a very significant effect on people who smoke and drink excessively or who often stay up late.
    • The magical tiger's eye can also treat inattention, and the sharp eyes make people more focused and brave.

    Tiger's Eye Grades

    The lowest grade is AB grade: this grade of tiger's eye is characterized by messy texture, dull color, serious rust, too many flaws, and obvious cracks. Although it is said that natural crystal flaws are inevitable and we should tolerate it, the low-level crystal flaws are indeed too obvious, and it is really uncomfortable to look at.


    • A-3A grade: This grade of tiger's eye will have significantly fewer flaws, but some beads will still have obvious signs of cracks and rust. Of course, it is much better than grade AB. Features: Some beads have good eyes, and the beads are better up to 70%. Some beads will have obvious flaws, motley colors, dullness, cracks, etc.
    • The more advanced Tiger Eye - Grade 4A: Beads of this grade will have a lot less flaws, almost no variegation, and no obvious cracks, or even none. This grade of tiger eye stone is relatively cost-effective and suitable for most people to choose.
    • Top-quality 5A tiger's eye: The eyes are piercing, almost free of flaws, cracks, variegated colors, etc. The top-level tiger's eye has obvious color and luster, which is more gorgeous and beautiful, with more than 95% less blemishes and variegated colors than the low-level ones.

    (Don't believe 6A, 7A, 8A or even 10A, the gimmicks of the merchants. In fact, strictly speaking, there is no even 4A or 5A in the crystal grade.)


    Tiger's Eye Color

    Tiger's eye we see in the market usually come in three colors, including yellow tiger's eye, red tiger's eye and blue tiger's eye. The most produced is yellow tiger's eye, followed by red tiger's eye, which is mostly produced in Mexico. The blue tiger's eye is only produced in South Africa, and its value ranks first among the three.

    blue tiger's eye bracelet


    Tiger's Eye Jewelry

    Tiger's eye is a precious gemstone. Tiger eye stone emits light as cold as a tiger. It is one of the favorite crystal stone varieties worn by many men and women. The most common types of jewelry are tiger's eye bracelets and tiger's eye necklaces. Both the blue tiger's eye bracelet and the yellow tiger's eye bracelet are very beautiful.


    Tiger's Eye Price

    The quality of tiger's eye is an important factor in determining the price of tiger's eye. Usually, tiger eye come in three colors: yellow, red, and blue, and the prices increase in turn. Yellow tiger's eye is produced in large quantities and is relatively common, so the price is not very expensive. You can buy a good tiger's eye bracelet for 50 to 100 US dollars. It is rare to see natural red tiger's eye. Red tiger's eye is mostly formed by heating natural yellow tiger's eye, so the price of red tiger's eye is more expensive than that of yellow tiger's eye. The production of blue tiger's eye is relatively small, so the price is naturally high, usually more than 200 US dollars. Of course, those with cat's eye effect, and the tiger's eye with tiger eye in the middle are more expensive, basically more than 1,000 yuan.


    How to Distinguish the True and False Tiger's Eye?

    Although the price of tiger's eye is not expensive, you should also check whether it is genuine when you buy it. Only good quality tiger's eye can achieve its true effect.


    1. Due to the influence of the environment, the pure natural tiger's eye contains some natural impurities. When observed under the light, you can see faint cross grain or fibrous substances.
    1. The pure natural tiger's eye stone is placed under the sunlight, no matter from which angle you observe it, you will find that the tiger's eye stone will still exude a beautiful brilliance. The fake tiger's eye stone will not have such characteristics.
    1. The hardness of pure natural tiger's eye is relatively high. Use gravel to scratch the tiger's eye jewelry lightly, and there is no trace left on the tiger's eye, indicating that it is a real tiger's eye; And a fake tiger's eye will leave traces.
    1. Put the tiger's eyeon a strand of hair, and the hair strands showing the double shadow phenomenon can be observed through the tiger's eye, which proves that it is a real tiger's eye. Otherwise it is false.
    1. The temperature of natural crystal is generally relatively low, and it feels cold in the hand.


    Why Cleanse Tiger's Eye?

    The crystal usually absorbs the negative energy of the body. It is like a trash can. When it is always full, it is necessary to release it regularly. Cleanse crystals(Also called degaussing) will bring more good luck.  

    tiger eye crystal bracelet

    How Do I Cleanse My Tiger'S Eye?

    • Put tiger's eye or tiger's eye jewelry in the afternoon sun for 2-3 hours, don't forget the time, put it away before the sun goes down.
    • Make a cup of salt water with sea salt, filter it, do not have impurities, put the tiger's eye in it, soak it for 3-4 hours, wash it with clean water, and let it dry.
    • Put tiger's eye or tiger's eye jewelry directly in pure water, soak for 24 hours, then take it out to dry.


    Tiger's Eye Suitable for Boys or Girls?

    Suitable for both boys and girls. Take tiger's eye bracelet as an example, boys wear tiger's eye bracelets(tiger eye men's bracelet), and the beads should preferably be greater than or equal to 12mm, girls can wear a slightly thinner tiger's eye bracelet.   


    How to Wear Tiger's Eye Jewelry Correctly?

    Gems are divided into radioactive and absorbing. The radioactive gemstone is worn on the right hand and the absorbing gemstone is worn on the left hand. Because tiger's eye is a absorbing gemstone, the tiger's eye bracelet is best worn on the left hand. It can also block the intrusion of negative energy and achieve the effect of protecting and enhancing the human body.


    Maintenance of Tiger's Eye

    Like other jewelry,tiger's eye jewelry should be placed alone to avoid collision with other jewelry.

    Tiger's eye jewelry should be kept away from high temperature flames to prevent tiger's eye fading or cracking.

    When soaking in hot springs, swimming or bathing, the tiger's eye should be taken off to avoid damage caused by chemical agents.

    Avoid contact with corrosive chemicals such as strong acids and alkalis.


    • Tiger's eye cannot be worn together with Buddha beads. If tiger's eye and Buddha beads are worn together, the Buddha beads will lose any effect and can only be used as general accessories.
    • When wearing tiger's eye, it is also important to note that there should be no ivory, tiger bones, wolf teeth, wolf skins, monkey skins, monkey bones and crocodiles at home.

    tiger's eye bracelet


    Tiger's eye is a very popular gemstone, it is exalted and mysterious, and it can bring us infinite energy. tiger's eye jewelry, especially tiger's eye bracelet, not only has many meanings, but also is very beautiful, which is loved by many boys and girls. But only when you know enough about tiger eye stone and know how to wear it correctly can you maximize its effect. Hope this article can help you all.


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