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Strawberry Quartz: Complete Guide

Strawberry quartz is a very special crystal, its color is very fresh, soft and romantic. Strawberry quartz are liked by many female friends, not only because the strawberry quartz has a beautiful appearance, but also because of the magical effects and functions it has. In this post, we reveal everything you need to know about strawberry quartz, including its meaning, types, grades, uses, and usage.


strawberry quartz meaning


The topics covered in this post are listed below:


  • What is Strawberry QuartzCrystal?
  • Is Strawberry Quartz a Gemstone?
  • Where Does Strawberry Quartz Come From?
  • Strawberry Quartz Properties
  • Strawberry Quartz Meaning
  • Strawberry Quartz Benefits                                                        
  • Strawberry Quartz Grades                                          
  • Strawberry Quartz Color
  • Strawberry Quartz Price                                           
  • How to Distinguish the Quality of Strawberry Quartz?                            
  • Strawberry Quartz Jewelry                                        
  • Why Cleanse Strawberry Quartz?                    
  • How to Cleanse Strawberry Quartz?                                      
  • How to Wear Strawberry Quartz BraceletCorrectly?    
  • Can women wear strawberry crystals during their menstrual period?   
  • Maintenance of Strawberry Quartz          
  • Precautions
  • Conclusion   


What is Strawberry Quartz Crystal?


The main component of pure natural Strawberry Quartz Crystal is silicon dioxide, which is bright red because it contains a large amount of lepidocrocite. At present, many artificial strawberry quartz on the market are made of laminated glass materials, and then artificially colored. Such strawberry quartz have no effect and can only be worn as general accessories.


Is Strawberry Quartz a Gemstone?

Strawberry quartz is a natural gemstone and is a single crystal gemstone. Because the output is not high, and the best strawberry crystals are very few, so the popularity is not particularly high.


Where Does Strawberry Quartz Come From?

Strawberry quartz crystal have only been discovered in recent years, and there is only one origin, which is the Ussuri Mountains in Russia. However, rough strawberry crystals have also been found in Kazakhstan and Madagascar, with small quantities and poor quality. Therefore, the best quality raw strawberry quartz basically come from the Ussuri Mountains in Russia, and the output is not large.


strawberry quartz crystal


Strawberry Quartz Properties


The strawberry quartz corresponds to the heart chakra in the seven-chakra system.


Strawberry Quartz Meaning


Strawberry quartz is also called "love crystal", which means good love. Wearing strawberry quartz can make female friends exude seductive charm at any time.


Wearing strawberry quartz can improve interpersonal relationships, because when we wear it, our personal charm can be increased, so whether it is colleagues, relatives, friends, we will have a good impression on us, let us expand our social network in the future.


People with passive behavior are suitable for wearing strawberry quartz. Because the energy of strawberry quartz can convert passive into active.


Strawberry quartz contains huge pure energy, and it also has the meaning of self-confidence and vitality. Wearing it on the body at any time at ordinary times can enhance the attractiveness to the outside world and become more confident.

Wearing strawberry quartz can also make people's thinking clearer and make people feel calm and peaceful.


Strawberry Quartz Benefits


Strawberry quartz also has the benefits of nourishing the body. Natural minerals such as strawberry quartz contain certain minerals and trace elements. When wearing strawberry quartz jewelry on the body for a long time, the human body can gradually absorb these minerals and trace elements.


After wearing strawberry quartz, I found that my complexion has become better. Natural strawberry quartz have the effect of regulating endocrine, which can promote blood circulation and make the skin more delicate and rosy.


strawberry quartz witchcraft


Strawberry Quartz Grades

Since there are strawberry seed particles in the strawberry quartz, in addition to the ruddy and clear crystal, the strawberry seed particles in it should also be evenly distributed. Taking the red strawberry quartz as an example, it can generally be divided into three grades. Among them, the color is lighter, and the strawberry seed is less, it is inferior. Then the color is more ruddy, the strawberry seeds are more, and the more evenly distributed is medium. Finally, the strawberry quartz are ruddy and clear in color, and the strawberry seeds are large and evenly distributed, which are excellent.


Strawberry Quartz Color

It has always been believed that strawberry quartz have only one color, that is red. In fact, in addition to red, there are also green strawberry quartz.


Strawberry Quartz Price

Natural strawberry crystal is a product formed by nature over hundreds of millions of years, and its price is greatly affected by its grade. Generally, the price of strawberry quartz with poor grades is 10-20 US dollars / carat. Slightly better color and quality are priced at $20-50/carat. The color is rosy and clear, and the strawberry seeds are large and evenly distributed. The price of such strawberry quartz is more than 50 US dollars per carat.


How to Distinguish the Quality of Strawberry Quartz?

The quality of strawberry quartz is mainly judged according to the following three points:

            • Strawberry Seeds: the more strawberry seeds inside the strawberry crystal, the better;
            • Color: The more ruddy the color of the red strawberry crystal, the better;
            • Transparency: The overall color of the strawberry crystalshould be clear, and the stronger the light transmittance, the better.

                    At present, many artificial strawberry quartz on the market are made of laminated glass materials, and then artificially colored.  In fact, as long as we carefully identify it, it is easy to distinguish the true from the false. If it is artificial strawberry quartz, it must look very rigid, while natural strawberry quartz has a very pure and natural feeling.


                      Strawberry Quartz Jewelry


                      Strawberry quartz is a kind of natural crystal that people love, and more and more girls are wearing strawberry quartz jewelry. One of the most common is the strawberry quartz bracelet, Whether it is a red strawberry quartz bracelet or a green strawberry quartz bracelet, which is so shiny and beautiful under the light or sunlight. Its color is very fresh, soft and romantic. Wearing strawberry quartz bracelets adds infinite charm to the whole person.


                      strawberry quartz crystal


                      Why Cleanse Strawberry Quartz?


                      The crystal usually absorbs the negative energy of the body. It is like a trash can. When it is always full, it is necessary to release it regularly. Cleanse crystals(also called degaussing) will bring more good luck.


                      How to Cleanse (demagnetize) Strawberry Quartz?


                      • Soak the strawberry quartz in clean water for about four hours, and use a relatively new glass as the container as much as possible. Then take it out to dry.
                      • The tap water rinse method, rinse the strawberry quartz under the tap for about 20 minutes, and then dry it.


                      How to Wear Strawberry Quartz Bracelet Correctly?


                      Wearing the strawberry quartz correctly can make it exert its maximum energy and bring you better luck. Gems are divided into radioactive and absorbing. The radioactive gemstone is worn on the right hand and the absorbing gemstone is worn on the left hand. Because strawberry quartz is a absorbing gemstone, the strawberry quartz bracelet is best worn on the left hand.


                      Can women wear strawberry quartz during their menstrual period?


                      As long as you choose the correct way to wear it, no matter when you wear the strawberry quartz, it is completely harmless to the human body.


                      strawberry quartz bracelet

                                                                Strawberry Quartz Bracelet

                      Maintenance of Strawberry Quartz


                      When wearing strawberry quartz, you should pay attention to daily maintenance. As long as the maintenance is good, strawberry quartz will bring you a feeling of value for money!

                      • When not wearing strawberry quartz ornaments, place them separately, and do not wrap them with paper towels to avoid moisture.
                      • Strawberry quartz have a natural magnetic effect and are easy to absorb small particles, so they should be cleaned frequently when they are worn. Wipe with a clean cotton cloth dampened with water to prevent cracking and remove surface dirt.
                      • Strawberry quartz should also be carefully collided when wearing them, especially strawberry quartz bracelets, which are easy to fall if you shake your hands hard, so you should also pay attention to this aspect.
                      • Do not let it come into contact with chemicals to avoid deterioration or discoloration. For example, the cosmetics used by girls when they wash their face, skin care and makeup are not liked by Strawberry Quartz.




                      1. Do Not Expose to The Sun

                      When wearing strawberry quartz, avoid exposure to the sun for a long time, or keep in a high temperature environment. Due to exposure to sunlight or high temperature environment, strawberry quartz will fade and other problems.

                      1. Avoid Collisions

                      Strawberry quartz has a hardness of 7, which is just a little harder than glass. Therefore, when wearing strawberry quartz, you need to pay special attention to avoid collision with other hard objects, which may cause damage.

                      1. Timed Degaussing

                      Strawberry quartz can help the wearer absorb the negative energy around them, but there will always be times when it's full, so the strawberry quartz should be demagnetized every 1-2 months to ensure its efficacy.

                      1. Wear It on The Left Hand

                      Because the strawberry quartz is an absorbing gemstone, it is worn on the left hand, so that the strawberry quartz can play a better and more role.



                      The best strawberry quartz in the world only exist under long-term frozen ground of the Ussuri Mountains in Russia, and the output is very rare. However, strawberry quartz is so beautiful and has many magical effects. It is a very lucky thing to have a strawberry quartz jewelry, especially a strawberry quartz bracelet. But only when you know enough about strawberry quartz and know how to wear it correctly can you maximize its effect. Hope this article can help you.


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