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Moonstone Meaning

Moonstone is considered to be a gift from the goddess of the moon to mankind. Legend has it that it is a gem scattered from the moon to the world. Since ancient times, people have believed that moonstone has a mysterious color and irresistible power.


Moonstone jewelry is very popular among girls, especially moonstone bracelets, which are very beautiful. Women friends wearing moonstone bracelet can add a soft and charming temperament to themselves. When wearing a moonstone, the human body can gradually absorb the minerals and trace elements contained in the moonstone. The color of moonstone is pure, elegant and charming, which can visually make people feel happy and relaxed. Moonstone is not only beautiful but also has rich meanings.

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Moonstone has a beautiful legend. According to legend, the most beautiful girl in a beautiful village fell in love with the bravest young man in the village. Unfortunately, the two had different identities and were blocked by the families of both sides. Finally, the woman's parents put forward a harsh condition for the young man to do a very dangerous thing, the young man agreed and agreed with his beloved girl that they would meet on the edge of the cliff of their love on the day of the full moon. However, the young man did not come back in the end. The girl wept sadly and waited for a long time. Finally, she jumped off the cliff and sacrificed herself for love, and the tears she left turned into moonstones and became a symbol of love and loyalty.


Moonstone is known as the "Lovers' Stone", and those who love each other regard it as a token of love. Wearing moonstone, no matter where the other party is, you will feel that your other half is always by your side, no matter how far apart, no matter how time passes, you will not feel lonely.


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The moonstone's surface is slightly luminous, romantic, charming, and very attractive. People believe that it can awaken the gentle enthusiasm of a lover. It has always been regarded as the best gift between lovers. Wearing it by both parties can make them happy and happy. Some people also say that when the moon is full, a single person wearing a moonstone can meet a good lover, which can attract a romantic love like the moonlight.


Moonstone is a gem that attracts love and exudes romance. Wearing moonstone bracelets or moonstone pendants Moonstones can attract love, awaken the tenderness of lovers, make lovers emotionally blend, and communicate with each other.


Health and longevity is also the meaning of moonstone. Moonstone is an important variety of feldspar gemstones. Moonstone helps the digestive system and reproductive system, helps in nutrient absorption, detoxifies, and Alleviates the degeneration of the skin, hair, eyes, and organs such as the liver and pancreas. It is especially beneficial for women during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.


Moonstone has the effect of nourishing the body. Natural gemstones such as moonstone contain a large amount of minerals and trace elements. When wearing moonstone for a long time, the human body can gradually absorb these minerals and trace elements. For those who are easily fatigued and often lack physical strength, it helps to strengthen vitality, increase physical strength and endurance.


According to legend, moonstone can also help sleep. Putting moonstone under the pillow can fully distribute its spirituality and energy, which can make people dream well every night and get full rest.


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The meaning of moonstone is rebirth. The moonlight is always so gentle, just like a mother can comfort you and help you mend your broken heart. If there are people around you who are experiencing hardships, low life or depression, we can make orange moonstone. Give them to wear to help them get out of the predicament, get a new life, and feel the beauty of the moonlight.


It is said that wearing a moonstone during a full moon can make the energy of the moonstone echo with the moonlight, making the effect more effective, thereby enhancing human perception and supernatural abilities. Helps the brain to think and makes the thinking clearer.


In addition, the moonstone also has the effect of soothing the mood. The color of the moonstone is very elegant, pure and charming. When the moonstone is worn on the body, it can visually make people feel happy and relaxed. It can improve emotional intelligence, soothe emotional fluctuations, restore inner peace, and enhance the feminine essence of women.


If a female friend is too blunt in personality, and her words, actions, and behavior are often too reckless, it is recommended to wear a moonstone crystal bracelet to improve the temperament from the inside out, thereby bringing a calm demeanor and an elegant attitude.


Moonstone can broaden people's horizons, expand people's minds, make people feel comfortable, maintain a happy mood, and have healthy eating habits, so as to achieve the effect of losing weight. This is the magical effect that moonstone brings to you.


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